How to Choose High Quality Metal Hanger Hook Making Machine


Wire Hanger Making Machine is one customized machine. There is no manufacture standard. In the market, different factory provide different price machine. Quality also different. If you want to purchase good wire hanger making machine with reliable performance and durable lifespan. Please pay attention to following tips.


1.Safety Consideration

Checking whether the driving part is exposed to outside. which will make worker in danger during operate machine.


1) Frame:  Structure must compact and strong.  The wire hanger machine steel thickness should between 22-25mm thick.  Nowadays, Wire Hanger Machine adopt welding steel frame or screw connection structure.

① Whole Welding Structure-after welding, the worker process the parts in one time. such structure wire hanger machine is strong and accurate, which can make sure the bear use long time.

② Screw Connection Structure-Not stable, during working, the vibrate is strong, the bear is easy to go bad.

2). Support Structure: Most of the hanger making machine adopt welding structure for foundation. It is better to use box iron for the function making.

3.Driving Sytem

Nowadays, mainly include gear driving and chain driving system on the market for wire hanger machine

Gear Driving System Structure: The driving ratio is accurate, stable and reliable, which make sure long lifespan.

Chain Driving System:After long time using, the chain will become longer which make the driving is not accurate.

What we recommend is to use gear driving system hanger machine

4.Steel Wire Feeding System.

Three Wire Feeding System:Mechanical Wire Feeding, Pneumatic Wire Feeding, Servo Motor Wire Feeding

1) Mechanical Wire Feeding is easy to operate and flexible working. accuracy is high.

2) Pneumatic Wire Feeding System structure is simple and can feeding length 100mm.  It adopt block pushing feeding, which can protect wire surface. It is used for high quality and small size product

3) Servo motor control system structure is complete and feeding accuracy is not higher than feeding. But it is easy to adjust feeding length , which is suitable for change mould type and protect wire service.



1) Speed adjust function with governor box. according to wire diameter, feeding length and final product to set suitable speed.

2) Manual Working mode is used for adjusting machine for change parts or find machine problem

3) Lubrication System, Wire hanger machine has many place need to lubricate. without this system, the parts will damage eas




Company Profile

Romiter Group is a market leading designer and manufacturer of wire hanger making machine. Now, Romiter Group provides complete wire hanger making solution, which includes but is not limited to Wire Hanger Making Machine,  Butterfly Shape Wire Hanger Making Machine, Wire Hanger Welding Machine, Wire Hanger Hook Welding Machine, CNC Control Plastic Coated Wire Hanger Making MachineWire Hanger PE Coating Machine, Wire Hanger PVC Coating Machine, Wooden Hanger Making Machine , Hook Row Making Machine and Steel Wire PVC Coating Machine.

Romiter Machinery wins wide great reputation for products with high efficiency, excellent reliability, easy maintenance and long lifespan. Romiter has an excellent technical support team, including highly experienced machinists and service technicians.

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