Wire Hanger Machine, Hanger Making Machine, Cloth Hanger Machine

Laundry Galvanized Wire Hanger Machine

galvanized wire hanger machine use galvanized wire to make wire hanger, the galvanized wire hanger is easy to make and anti-rust, which doesn't require to complicated plastic coating process.

Plastic Coated Wire Hanger Machine

Plastic Coated Wire Hanger Machine is used to bend plastic coated wire to hanger shape, The plastic coated wire feeding is without any damage and make sure the final plastic coated wire hanger high quality. 

Carbon Black Wire Hanger Machine

Black Wire Hanger Machine can bend Carbon Black Wire to wire hanger. The Wire hanger need to coated with plastic or galvanizing, which make it anti-rust. 

Metal Hook Making Machine

Use steel wire to make different size metal hook in full automatic operation

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Romiter Group is a market leading designer and manufacturer of wire hanger making machine. Now, Romiter Group provides complete wire hanger making the solution, which includes but is not limited to Wire Hanger Making Machine, Wire Hanger Welding Machine, Wire Hanger Hook Welding Machine, Wire Hanger PE Coating Machine, Wire Hanger PVC Coating Machine, Steel Wire PVC Coating Machine

Romiter Machinery wins a wide great reputation for products with high efficiency, excellent reliability, easy maintenance and long lifespan. Romiter has an excellent technical support team, including highly experienced machinists and service technicians.

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