Automatic Tomato Hook Bending Making Machine for Greece Customer


Automatic Tomato Hook Bending Making Machine for Greece Customer is a specialized piece of equipment used in agricultural settings, particularly in tomato cultivation, to automate the process of bending and shaping tomato hooks. Tomato hooks, also known as tomato clips or plant support clips, are used to support tomato plants as they grow and bear fruit.

Features and Functions of a hydraulic type tomato hook bending making machine:

  1. Hydraulic System: The machine is powered by a hydraulic system, which provides the force required to bend the metal wire used for making tomato hooks. The hydraulic system typically consists of a hydraulic pump, cylinders, valves, and hoses to generate and control the hydraulic pressure.
  2. Wire Feeding Mechanism: The machine is equipped with a wire feeding mechanism that supplies the metal wire to the bending section. This can involve a spool or coil of wire that is automatically fed into the machine, ensuring a continuous supply of wire for the bending process.
  3. Bending Section: The bending section is the core component of the machine, where the metal wire is shaped into the desired form of tomato hooks. It typically consists of bending tools or dies that are designed to bend the wire accurately and consistently. The bending section may have adjustable settings to produce different sizes or configurations of tomato hooks.
  4. Control System: The machine is controlled by an automated control system, which regulates the bending process. The control system may have programmable settings to adjust parameters such as bending angle, bend radius, and hook length, allowing for customization based on specific requirements.
  5. Safety Features: Safety features are essential to ensure the operator’s safety during operation. The machine may have mechanisms such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and sensors to detect and prevent accidents or mishaps.
  6. Production Capacity: The machine’s production capacity depends on factors such as the speed of the bending process, the number of bending stations, and the efficiency of the wire feeding mechanism. Higher-end machines may offer higher production speeds and the ability to bend multiple hooks simultaneously.


Hydraulic-Type-Tomato-Hook-Bending-Making-Machine-for-Greece    hydraulic-type-tomato-hook-bending-machine-for-Greece-Customer




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Working Video of Tomato Hook Bending Machine

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