Automatic Flat Wire Hanger Hook Making Machine for Egypt Customer


Automatic Flat Wire Hanger Hook Making Machine for Egypt Customer is used to make flat wire to hook and thread the head. it is designed to automate the process of bending, threading, and producing wire hanger hooks typically used for hanging garments. Here are the key features and functions of such a machine:

  1. Wire Feeding: The machine is equipped with a wire feeding mechanism that continuously supplies a flat wire of the desired thickness. The wire is usually fed from a coil or spool.
  2. Hydraulic Round Head Forming: Forming the flat wire as round shape which make it allow for following thread rolling.
  3. Bending Unit: A bending mechanism is responsible for shaping the flat wire into the desired hook or hanger shape. This unit can be customized to produce various types of hanger hooks by changing different mold.
  4. Cutting Mechanism: A cutting device is integrated to trim the wire to the desired length once the hook is formed and threaded. This ensures uniformity in the length of the hanger hooks.
  5. Threading Unit: After the wire is bent into the appropriate shape, a threading unit is used to create a thread or twist at the end of the wire. This threaded end is essential for securing garments to the hanger.
  6. Control Panel: The machine typically includes a control panel with a user-friendly interface. Operators can input the specifications for the hanger hooks, such as size, shape, and threading requirements.
  7. Customization: The machines can often be adjusted to produce different styles and sizes of hanger hooks to meet the specific needs of a manufacturer.

These automatic machines significantly improve the efficiency and consistency of hanger hook production, reducing labor costs and minimizing the risk of errors. They are widely used in hanger manufacturing plants, garment factories, and facilities that require a large volume of hangers, such as dry cleaners and retail stores.


Final Hook Product of Flat Wire Hook Bending Making Machine





Control Touch Screen of Flat Wire Hook Bending Threading Machine


Working Video of Flat Wire Hook Bending Making Machine

How to Connect to Electricity Power for Hook Machine

How to insert Flat Wire on Hook Machine


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